After admission


The next steps

After you have been admitted to studying the MSE there further steps to take

  • If you need a visa for Germany: Start the process as soon as possible!
  • Organize a flat. For student dorms, contact the Studentenwerk. If you look for a private shared flat, the popular website is a good start.
  • After admission, students must enrol personally according to the enrolment period set by the Student Records Office.
  • The compulsory Math course will take place end of September. It is therefore advisable to move to Nuremberg mid-September.
  • There will be an informal get-together and a short tour through the university for all new students a few days before the math course starts. Further information will be provided via E-Mail.

Important addresses and links

  • Information for prospective student can be found here.
  • Further information for International students can be found at the University's Central International Office (e.g. language abillity, entrance requirements, application processes, etc.). They also provide a detailed document on the most important issues for international students starting at FAU here.
  • All applicants must first apply online using the application portal Campo. Afterwards, you have to send the application documents to the Master's Office by post.