Master phase

1st semester: compulsory modules (in English)

In the first semester students are given a basic grounding in economics with 6 mandatory courses, taught in English (including Macro- and Microeconomics, Econometrics and Mathematics).

Please be aware that the compulsory mathematics course starts before the beginning of the semester (about 2 weeks before). Further information on starting the MSE and important dates for starters can be found here.

2nd and 3rd semester: specialisation - elective modules (English and German)

In the second and third semester students specialise by choosing individual options from a broad range of subjects (taught in English and German). Students must choose 12 modules, including at least 10 elective economic modules within the following specialisation fields:

Here you find the complete study plan.

Students are also able to choose 2 free modules from the overall faculty programme (e.g. language, Business Administration). The coordinator of the programme can make a special arrangement in case you would like to take master degree lectures at another faculty or department. The participation in at least one seminar is compulsory. This serves as preparation for the master's thesis.

The department offers a placement programme into internships at renowned companies, economic research facilities or other (inter)national institutions (e.g. ZEW, DIW, IAB, Bundesbank, GiZ, GfK, ILO, EBRD). Participating students are credited with 5 ECTS.

Moreover there is the option of choosing between research- and practice-oriented courses so that students get prepared perfectly for their future professional aim. With respect to the research-oriented specialisation there is the opportunity to attend various research seminars (IWQW, BGPE, IAB) and establish contacts with renowned academics, whereas a professional specialisation is underlined by internships, excursions, the possibility of extern master theses and regular contact with economists from economy and policy.

4th semester: master's thesis and seminar

Students demonstrate their capability in assessing an economic question or topic independently while using scientific methods. In the master seminar students present and discuss their thesis in order to gain insights and get feedback for the further writing of the thesis.

The degree programme supports the writing of the master's thesis in cooperation with external business partners, making use of diverse contacts of the collaborating chairs (e.g. N-Ergie, IAB, GfK, BayernLB). For further details please contact the relevant chairs.

Here you can find the Module guide, study plan and curriculum.

Optional doctoral phase

Core of the doctoral phase is the drawing of a dissertation and concomitant doctoral studies. Graduates of the MSE can credit courses to the doctoral studies (for further details see the doctoral regulations).

During your doctoral studies you can participate in courses and/or seminars of the Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics (BGPE), the IAB's Graduate Program (GradAB) and the Evidence Based Economics (EBE) international doctoral program.

Master students interested in pursuing their doctoral studies at the FAU can apply for the Dieter und Erika Schumburg stipend. Application requirements and deadline can be found in the website under News