First semester


Starting the Master in Economics

  • The Background literature list for the 1st semester can be downloaded here.

  • If you lack background knowledge in econometrics or statistics, we recommend you to visit a voluntary leveling course in Econometrics at the University. The course begins before the official lecture period, usually during the last week of September.

    Winter term 2019/20:

    Course taught in English:  30th September, 1st-4th of October 15:00-20:00h in room FG 0.016. It will cover chapters 1-8 of the textbook "Introductory Econometrics - A Modern Approach" by Jeffrey Wooldridge.

Courses in the first semester

Module Term Language Type Professor
Mathematics for Economists W EN Lec Merz
Microeconomics W EN Lec Rincke
Game Theory W EN Lec Grimm
Macroeconomics: Business Cycles W EN Lec Merkl
Macroeconomics: Economic Growth W EN Lec Büttner
Applied Econometrics W EN Lec Tauchmann


Dates and Timetable

  • Compulsory Mathematics course: please take into account that this course usually begins about 2 weeks before the official lecture period, as a block course

    Winter term 2019/20:
  • 09:45h-11:15h (lecture):  7th Oct, 8th Oct, 9th Oct, 10th Oct, 11th oct, in room FG 2.024.
  • 9:45h-11:15h (exercise): 10th Oct, 11th Oct in room FG 2.024