Energy Markets


The large scale restructuring of energy markets in Germany and Europe requires many specific activities of companies and authorities and research institutes. We provide students with the methodological tools and also the institutional details which enable them to understand and model the central questions relevant in the context of energy markets.

  • Tools: industrial economics, behavioral economics, optimization and computational equilibrium modelling.
  • Practical experience: Co-operations with partners in governmental institutions and industry provide interesting possibilities for internships and master-thesis projects.


Modules in the Energy Economics Specialisation

Module Term Language Type Professor
Advanced Industrial Organization W EN Lec Zöttl
Behavioral Economics S EN Lec Grimm
Seminar Energy Markets S&W DE/EN Sem Grimm/Zöttl
Linear Optimization W DE Lec Martin
Combinatorial Optimization W DE Lec Martin
Methods and applications of mathematical optimization W DE Lec Liers/Schmidt
Quantitative Methods in Energy Market Modelling S EN Lec Zöttl
Seminar Behavioral Economics 2 W EN Sem Grimm/Utikal
Seminar Optimierung in Energiemärkten W DE/EN Sem Liers/Martin
Mathematical optimization for communications & signal processing W EN Lec Liers

Economic Internship

If you plan to take the Economic Internship Module in the area of Energy Economics, please contact Prof. Veronika Grimm.