Health Economics


Economic thinking has become increasingly important in health care. We teach students the quantitative and econometric tools to analyze health related issues such as insurance-design, individual health behaviour and provision of health care services.

  • Tools: microeconomics, behavioral economics and econometrics.
  • Practical experience: Internship and master-thesis in various firms and institutions (health insurers, consultancies, government agencies and research institutes).

Modules in the Health Economics Specialisation

Module Term Language Type Professor
Behavioral Economics S EN Lec Grimm
Ökonomie der Sozialpolitik S DE Sem Wrede
Seminar Behavioral Economics 1 S EN Sem Grimm/Utikal
The Economics of Health Insurance S EN Lec Tauchmann
The Supply of Medical Services S EN Lec Tauchmann/Reif
Public Economics in Theory and Practice S EN Lec Büttner
Gesundheitsökonomische Evaluationen I S DE Lec Schöffski
Panel- und Evaluationsverfahren W DE Lec Riphahn
Applied Empirical Health Economics W EN Sem Tauchmann
Seminar Behavioral Economics 2 W EN Sem Grimm/Utikal
Gesundheitsökonomische Evaluationen II W DE Lec Schöffski


Economic Internship

If you plan to take the Economic Internship Module in the area of Health Economics, please contact Prof. Harald Tauchmann.