Macroeconomics and Finance


The specialization „Macroeconomics and Finance“ contains courses on macroeconomics, applied econometrics and finance. It prepares for jobs at central banks and international organizations, the academic world (research institutions and universities) and commercial banks or insurances.

Students can be placed as interns at international organizations and research-related institutions. For the former, we have a research-oriented internship program, which is partly funded by the Staedtler Stiftung. Past placements include the International Labor Organization (ILO), Deutsche Bundesbank or the European Representation of the Federal Employment Agency.

Modules in the Macroeconomics and Finance Specialisation

Module Term Language Type Professor
Public Economics S EN Lec Büttner
Asset Liability Management S DE Lec Gatzert
Financial Engineering und Structured Finance S DE Lec Scholz
Lebensversicherung S DE Lec Gatzert
Mikroökonometrie und Machine Learning S DE Lec Riphahn
Multivariate Time Series Analysis S EN Lec Dovern
European Topics in Economics S EN Sem Merkl
Bayesian Econometrics S EN Lec Dovern
Banking Supervision: Bank Rating, Stress Testing, Financial Stability W EN Lec Kick/Merkl
Finanz- und Bankmanagement W DE Lec Scholz
International Finance W EN Lec Merkl
Labor Markets: A Macroeconomic Perspective W EN Sem Merkl/Stüber
Panel and Evaluation Methods W EN Lec Riphahn
Versicherungs- und Risikotheorie W DE Lec Gatzert
International trade and labor W EN Lec Moser
Public Budget Management W DE Sem Merkl


Economic Internship

If you plan to take the Economic Internship Module in the area of Macroeconomics and Finance, please contact Prof. Christian Merkl.